Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Religious Persecution

Religious Persecution Religious persecution is a complex situation in the world. Many countries have this situation. In the country of Whitia, a large group of Whitians is being persecuted for its religious beliefs by a larger religious group. They are not allowed to worship or display their religious beliefs in any way. They’re being stoned and imprisoned, and their religious leader has been burned at the stake. It is not easy to solve this problem by its own government.The United States should get involved in this situation. The United States could get involved in this situation by several ways, such as giving food and medicine to the Whitians who are being persecuted, and talking to Whitian government. People in Whitia who are being persecuted need food and medicine. But they can’t get those things from their own government because the larger religious group controls the government.The larger religious group regards them as enemies because of their different religiou s beliefs, so they won’t give anything to them. A lot of Whitians die by hunger and disease. This situation aggravates the  conflict between the two different religious groups. With the United States’ help, food and medicine will save a lot of people’s life. Intervention Action is good for reducing the conflict between the two groups. The United States can also talk to the Whitian government about the importance of people’s life and freedom.It could make the government realize that everyone should be able to choose their beliefs, and they should  stop  the violence  between the two different religious groups. The Unites States has already helped a lot of countries, such as Jordan, Sudan and Egypt. The help is helpful to solve the religious persecution and have saved a lot of people’s life in those countries. Assistance will be effective in Whitia, too. One of my friends, Gavin, has different opinion. He thinks that the UnitedStates should n ot get involved in this situation because of its huge financial cost. What I want to say is that it will actually cost a lot of money to buy the food and medicine, but it is truly worth because the money is to save people’s life. Money is made by people. The value of money  cannot be  compared  with the  life. So the United States should get involved in this situation no matter how much money it will cost. Religious persecution in Whitia is a problem which is not easy to solve, and the United States should get involved to help Whitians solve it.

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