Thursday, February 27, 2020

Digital Marketing Campaign for SNOW tires Term Paper

Digital Marketing Campaign for SNOW tires - Term Paper Example This campaign will include a sale of a high number of tires to the market. And the end will be to sell 200,000 tires in North America and Europe in the five winters between 2014 and 2018. This will include creating awareness to consumers in USA, Canada and the European Union and also maintain a 20% sale level in the emerging markets. Sales in these emerging markets will be boosted to 200% of primary market sales after 2018. Online marketing is going to be used as the primary system through which the tires are going to be marketed. Therefore, the plan is to provide online marketing to all the consumers and enter the markets through a unique and distinct system and process. SNOWDRIVE is faced with competition from various levels of competitors. First of all, there is the threat of new entrants which includes companies that can manufacture similar types. This is quite unlikely. Fourthly, there are threats of supplier integration which is quite unreal because SNOWDRIVE are the suppliers. Finally, the threat of competitors in the industry is not really harsh since SNOWDRIVE is innovative in its presentation of this unique winter-type of tires. Political: The policies of the United States and Canada as well as the European Union are relevant and this includes importation and taxation rules as well as Internet disclosure processes and regulations. The liberalization of trade means that promotion could be done from a centralized source and process through which the company can sell and market products. However, important federal and EU relating to the advertising of agencies including respect for local laws must be streamlined. 1. Target customer: The primary customers are young members of these developed economies. This should include the younger sections of society who spend more time online. Secondary customers should be the richer and older users of the Internet who have

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